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Lazy horse

GRABLIN’s lazy horse!!!


You can find it on: TGC (click here) 


Grablin is online!

I finally found the time to announce that GRABLIN IS ONLINE!!!
You can find it on: TGC (click here) 


Grablin’s Box

The GRABLIN’S box! What do you think about it?


GRABLIN cover!!!

Today i finish the damn, amazing cover of GRABLIN! Do you like it?


Grab the chest – Prototype

I finally got the Dice of GRAB THE CHEST” game.

20130408_163348 20130408_120931

PortHoles dice icons

While waiting for the shipment of materials for the prototype of “HexSurvival,” I began to draw another game, called “Portholes”. Here is some icons for the dice. What do you think? Minimal or pixel art?



For info: