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Colossus Escape N’Ogrosh

N’Ogrosh is Wharr’s father, in the saga of Moffee’s adventure. He was a general of the clan Smarock, but he sadly disappeared in the battle against the Giants.
I enjoyed a lot to draw this character. Together with other characters, you can find him in Colossus Escape, our new videgame soon available on Android and iOs.

N'Ogrosh - 888 triangles

N’Ogrosh – 888 triangles


N'Ogrosh - Sword 90 Triangles - Armour 734 Triangles

N’Ogrosh – Sword 90 Triangles – Armour 734 Triangles


N'Ogrosh Portrait

N’Ogrosh Portrait

Colossus Escape Monsters

I’ve always loved to draw fantasy stuff. And, especially, I’ve  always loved the fire elementals – aren’t they great?
Only for you, my follower: the fire elementals of Colossus Escape, an upcoming videogame based on the Moffee’s license, for Android and iOs.

Male Fire Elemental

Male Fire Elemental


Male Fire Elemental 3D

Male Fire Elemental 3D – 832 triangles


Female Fire Elemental

Female Fire Elemental – 1102 triangles


Male Lave Elemental - 2020 Triangles

Male Lava Elemental –  996 triangles

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